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Various States of Being is a collection of songs composed and produced by Cam Reeves.
Interweaving organic sounds and earthy percussion with psychedelic bass and Electronic Dance Music styles.

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5. SENTIO - To feel; To perceive
(December 28, 2018)
Sentio is about perceiving the effects of everything. To feel, experience, suffer, undergo, endure everything that life brings, and to be aware that I have perceived. Sentio is the fifth and final song from Various States of Being.
Musical inspirations include artists like ZHU, Blastoyz, Vini Vici, and Au5.

4. ANIMA - Voice of The Soul
(SEPTEMBER 28, 2018)
Anima is part of the psyche that is directed inward, and is in touch with the subconscious. Anima is the realization and acceptance of being what you have always imagined in yourself. Anima features Cristina Soto's lyrics and voice.
Musical inspirations include artists like Seven Lions, Blastoyz, Vini Vici, and Au5.

3. NOVUS - New, Reborn
(AUGUST 28, 2018)
Novus comes from the decision to become someone you have always wanted to be. It's about realizing the choice to change yourself. It's ok to be someone one day, and change into a completely different and new person the next.
Musical inspirations include artists like S U R V I V E (Stranger Things Soundtrack), Bassnectar, Nero, and Au5.

2. AVIDYA - The Unseen, Incorrect Knowledge, or Ignorance
(JULY 28, 2018)
Avidya is about losing truth in our world. Information is abundant but can be used in ways that perhaps were not originally intended. Our own perspectives and interpretations of reality dictate how we treat one another. Musically, this track wrote itself, and came very naturally.
Musical inspirations include artists like Daft Punk, Bassnectar, Rezz, and Au5.

1. INCIPIO - To Begin, Start, or Undertake
(JUNE 28, 2018)
Incipio is a track that contains all of my voices. African drums (djembe), Indian Percussion (Tabla, Shakers), and Native American Flutes.
Musical inspirations include artists like Seven Lions, Bassnectar, Rezz, Nero, and Zhu.

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